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#TMYK: Rocky Mountain School of the Arts is a State-of-the-Art Facility

It may be hard to believe, but Rocky Mountain School of the Arts in small town Cody, Wyoming is a State-of-the-Art Facility. The school is comprised of 3 separate dance studios, a specialized dancers stretching area, observation windows & video streaming of dance classes, foot showers, changing rooms, one music room with 2 pianos (one being a Pearl River Baby Grand), a comfortable lobby, spacious commons, and a dance store that offers name brand items; but what truly makes RMSA stand out is Dance Studio A.

Studio A is the largest dance room on location. It is the size of a typical live performance stage which benefits the dancers in many ways especially when rehearsing for performances and learning difficult combinations. But what makes Studio A exceptional, is the floor.

The floor’s surface is a special dance vinyl, commonly referred to as “marley” in the dance world, which provides the surface for the floor.  The Harlequin Studio B Marley not only provides grip to dancers, especially while on pointe, but this specific floor type also has a has a firm cushioned foam backing.  Underneath the marley, we find the most unique aspect of Studio A.  There is a basket weave sprung floor carefully constructed which allows give in the floor. This provides optimal protection for joints, muscles, and bones; limiting injury and future issues to dancers bodies.  A basket weave is different than a typical sprung floor which is simply created with foam backed panels.  A basket weave creates true spring, not just shock absorption.  This is vital to the health and longevity of our athletes. 

Dance can be hard on dancers bodies but the health and safety of students is such a priority of Executive Director & Co-Founder Elizabeth Fernandez, that when the studio was built in 2004, she had her dancers in mind. It is pretty amazing that here in Cody, Wyoming, Rocky Mountain School of the Arts can offer the best type of dance floor available in the industry.

The dance floor is the most important part of the studio. Not having a proper sub-floor or dance surface can lead to serious injuries that no dancer should go through. Providing a sub-floor with enough spring and shock absorption combined with a dance surface having proper slip resistance will significantly reduce the risk of injury. 

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