Navigating the Studio App

A studio has many things to be aware of and be reminded. Emails can get buried, ignored, and deleted.  In order to better communicate, instantly alert families, and streamline information, our studio has our own FREE studio app for iPhones & Android.

Download our free studio app at



We want everyone that is connected in anyway to the studio/your child to download the app so please share it with co-parent(s), grandparents, carpoolers, studio kids with smart phones.

Just a few reasons why you should share

  • Every year we have someone show up to pick up or drop off a child and they didn't know about a schedule change OR that the calendar is different for that specific day even though it has been on the schedule for awhile.
  • If others are responsible for your child(ren) it can get frustrating if they do not know what is going on at the studio.


The VERY first class a student is ever enrolled in, an online account or Parent Portal is set up. The main contact should have received an email shortly after registering with information how to access this. To have easy access to your parent portal at all times, simply log into "My Account" in the app as you would your online "Parent Portal" account. This will sync it to your app just on your phone. If you forgot your password you can also request to create a new one by clicking "forgot password".

Just a few reasons why you should sync

  • ability to read any studio email sent to you
  • enroll into classes
  • see payment/account information
  • keep track of Dance Store purchases
  • update you and your child(ren's) information

Opt Into Groups

An easy way to stay informed and up to date is by opting into ALL the groups pertaining to you/your student. We ask that everyone also stay opted into "General RMSA Information" and "General RMDT Information". This way you will receive instant alerts and push notifications pertaining to those groups. Make sure others you have shared the app with does this too so they also stay informed.

Just a few reasons why you should opt in

  • It's hard to remember everything, let our app help!
  • Be instantly alerted to any updates, schedule changes, or reminders especially pertaining to you and/or your student
  • PLEASE NOTE: every new school year you will have to opt into the new classes your student is in and opt out of the class from last year.


Once your opted into "GROUPS" you should receive push notifications through out the year pertaining to to those "groups" and any push notification can be read here. Even if you missed an alert or your phone isn't notifying you of notifications, once opted in you should be able to read them all here.

Just a few reasons why you should check notifications regularly

  • It can happen that a phone doesn't alert you or you don't see/hear the alert of a new notification
  • Once your app is opted in, ANY notification we send out about that group should show up here (unless you deleted the notification) so even if you read one, you can go back to it later.

Download/Subscribe to Calendars

ANY Apple users can download/subscribe to our studio calendars via the app. Unfortunately this option is not yet available for Android users.

Those of you with google accounts can add calendars via our website calendars by clicking on the + on the bottom right corner of the calendar(s) you want to subscribe to and you should be prompted to your online google account.

Those that do NOT have iphones or google accounts will have to simply refer to our app and website calendars regularly. Any calendar changes or updates you will be notified through app push notifications/alerts. AGAIN, make sure your opted into the correct push notification groups!

Please note: EVERY year you will have to delete/unsubscribe your old calendars on your smart phone calendars and subscribe/download the new ones pertaining to your classes/involvement for the year.


Please NOTE!

Using My Account (Parent Portal)

As stated above, once you sync your parent portal to your app it becomes very easy to keep personal account information handy and up to date.

  • Add a new student
  • View/Edit student information
  • See current enrollments for each individual child

Using My Account (Parent Portal)


  • Edit personal contact information
  • Add/Edit other contacts to your personal account
  • Give other contacts log in permissions to personal account
  • Read "sign" yearly policies with a click of a button

Other Helps

The app HOME main Menu offer more options.

  • Did you know? You can share pictures you have taken at events or at the studio by uploading them for the administrator to approve so they can be shared with all!
  • Follow us on our many social media pages!
  • Have questions about your account billing/payments? Send an email directly from your app to accounts manager or other faculty/staff.

Trouble Shooting

Not getting push notifications?

  • Check to see that your opted into them under"GROUPS"
  • Check your smart phone settings are allowing push notifications for RMSA's Studio App

Any other questions or issues contact