Below is a listing to links of ALL calendars/schedules for any RMSA/RMDT classes, lessons, programs & rehearsals. ALL of these can also be found in our free studio app under the appropriate pages. (do NOT look in your portal/my account for weekly schedules/class calendars)

RMSA DANCE Calendars

summer classes are included in calendars

Early Childhood Dance (ages 3/4 and 5/6)

Academy 1

Academy 1B 

Academy 2

Academy 2B 

Academy 3

Academy 3B (no Ac 3B in 2023-2024)

Academy 4 

Academy 4B 

Academy 5  (no Ac 5 in 2023-2024)

Academy 5B (no Ac 5B in 2023-2024)

Advanced Academy

Recreational/Adult Dance Class Calendars

Student Teachers Calendar


RMSA MUSIC Calendars

summer lessons/camps are included in calendars

RMSA Early Childhood Music Class Calendar

RMSA Piano Student Calendar

OTHER Calendars

RMDT Calendars

Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre is our 501c3 nonprofit performing arts organization and all programs/performances are separated from RMSA.

RMDT Nutcracker Younger Calendar

RMDT Nutcracker Older Calendar

RMDT Spring Company Calendar