Below is a listing to links of ALL calendars/schedules for any RMSA/RMDT classes, lessons, programs & rehearsals. ALL of these can also be found in our free studio app under the appropriate pages. (do NOT look in your portal/my account for weekly schedules/class calendars)

RMSA DANCE Calendars

summer classes are included in calendars

Preschool and Kindergarten Dance

Academy 1

Academy 1B 

Academy 2

Academy 2B 

Academy 3 (please note, no Ac 3 in 2022-2023)

Academy 3B

Academy 4 

Academy 4B (please note, no Ac 4B in 2022-2023)

Academy 5  (please note, no Ac 5 in 2022-2023)

Academy 5B

Advanced Academy

Recreational/Adult Dance Class Calendars

Student Teachers Calendar


OTHER Calendars

RMDT Calendars

Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre is our 501c3 nonprofit performing arts organization and all programs/performances are separated from RMSA.

RMDT Nutcracker Younger Calendar

RMDT Nutcracker Older Calendar

RMDT Spring Company Calendar