Nutcracker Calendar/List of Roles in Each Act-Younger Dancers

Please See List of Roles in Each Act under the Calendar

Act 1

Forest Scene

Fairies, Drosselmeyer, Enchanted Fairy, Sugar Plum Princess.

Party Scene-

Butterflies, Candy Canes, Clara, Columbine Dolls, Dames, Drosselmeyer, Fairies, Fritz, Fritz’s Friends, Gingerbread, Horsemen, Joker, Party Children, Parents, Small Toy Dolls, Pirates, Suitors, Peppermint Leads, Enchanted Fairy

Battle Scene-

Clara, Flower Petals, Girl Soldiers, Nutcracker, Rats, Boy Soldiers

Snow Scene-


Act 2

Opening of Land of Sweets-

Angles, Clara, Greeters, Icicles, Ice Princess, Mints, Nutcracker, Rats, Sugar Plum Princess

Land of Sweets-

Arabian Leads, Arabian Corp., Chinese, Dragon, Clowns, Flowers and Dew Drop, Russian Leads, Kisses, Marzipan Corp., Marzipan Leads, Spanish Corp., Spanish Leads


Spanish Leads, Arabian Leads, Chinese, Clowns, Russian Leads,  Marzipan Leads, Dew Drop, Flowers, Clara, Nutcracker, Sugar Plum Princess


Entire Cast