RMDT Summer Outreach

Photo Credit: Rosalie O'Connor


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Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre's Summer Outreach programs encompass many rewarding experiences for area dancers. 2021 RMDT Summer Outreach Programs include:

  • 3 day Master Class Tap Workshop
  • 2 weeks of Advance Summer Dance Intensives; w/one week of Ballet Master Classes
  • 1 week of Intermediate Summer Dance Intensives with Ballet Master Classes

RMDT's Intensive sessions provide a concentrated time for dancers to perfect different techniques which include a wide variety of dance/performing classes: ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, contemporary, musical theatre, and/or choreography. Participants also learn about other aspects of dance such as dance history, terminology, and current affairs. Every year is different. Master classes in specified disciplines are also included in intensive sessions. 2021 Intensives Master Class will be Ballet taught by Natalia Magnicaballi.

2021 RMDT's Tap Master Class workshop will be focused on Tap including level 1, level 2, and Repertory classes taught by Katherine Kramer.

RMDT brings highly experienced dance instructors or performers to Cody, Wyoming to lead workshops and/or the week of Summer Master Classes during Intensives. These Master Classes not only propels and gives unique training and experience to our local dancers but also readies dancers who plan to attend outside dance camps, RMDT's New York Experience, or continue to pursue dance after graduating.

In the past, RMDT Master Classes have included such names as Bonnie Story, Cherie Noble, Kathrine Kramer, and Natalia Magnicaballi.

Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre Summer Outreach program is an extremely incredible opportunity to offer for our rural area performers. As a nonprofit, it is an honor to be able to offer this exemplary programming, which is only made possible by donations and our supporters.

2020 Intensives w/ Natalia Magnicaballi & Elizabeth Fernandez

2020 Master Class w/ Natalia Magnicaballi