Adult Dance Classes


At RMSA, we believe you’re never too old to discover the joy of dance. RMSA’s Adult & Recreational dance classes offer quality training in various dance styles for anyone 16 years old and older. No previous dance experience required, and no performances expected. Adult classes are offered in sessions throughout the year. SPACE IS LIMITED; if class if full, please add your name to the waiting list as this will help to determine future class sizes and options.

2022-2023 Adult Ballet- Tuesday's 7:00-8:00

  • A class for those getting started or revisiting ballet as an Adult. This class will focus on alignment, foundation of technique, and movement quality.  Tuition is per session, charged to accounts in-full first day of class in session. No refunds.
    • Session 1 October 4- Nov 15 (7 weeks; $70)
    • Session 2 January 10 - February 7 (5 weeks; $50)
    • Session 3 March 28- April 25 (5 weeks; $50)

2022-2023 Adult Tap- Wednesday's 6:15-7:00

  • A class for those getting started or revisiting tap as an Adult. This class will focus on developing all the elements of tap dance. This includes movement, vocabulary, musicality (rhythm, timing & phrasing).
    • Session 1 October 5- Nov 16 (7 weeks; $70)
    • Session 2 January 11 - March 1 (8 weeks; $80)

RMSA has offered many styles in the past, if we receive enough interest, dance classes may be offered. Please contact 307-527-9973. MINIMUM NUMBER IS REQUIRED FOR CLASS TO BE OFFERED. PLEASE CALL 307-527-9973 to register.