Dance tuition is based on a yearly fee which is divide into equal monthly payments. Since there are not the same amount of classes every month, the yearly fee is based on TOTAL class time, rehearsals, and performances. 2022-2023 Tuition Breakdown

During the school year, the first of every month tuition fees are posted into everyone’s account and will be auto-paid based on the “Membership Type” you have chosen (see below). Tuition payments are due the each month from September to April. Please note: First and last month tuition is due the same month students start a class.  Every family has access to their online account and can update as needed by logging into your portal online or very easily with a few clicks via our studio app.

CHOOSE Membership Type: Please choose one of our “Membership Types”. Regardless of the Membership Type (and ePayment schedule) you choose; payments can be manually made at anytime and for any amount when logging into your account; you can pay ahead of time or extra amounts that will be used as a credit for future charges.

  1. Auto Pay- full account balance *preferred option
    1. This option will pay your full account balance at the time your ePayment is scheduled. This may include monthly tuition, dance costume deposits, remaining costume balances, Piano Material Fees, items from the store charged to your account, etc…
  2. Auto Pay- tuition only
    1. This option will only pay your monthly tuition at the time your ePayment is scheduled. ANY additional charges will need to be paid manually by you; outstanding charges* could include dance costume deposits, remaining costume balances, items from the store, piano material fees, etc…. As stated in our policies; accounts with balances 60 days past due or more, will be charged a late fee of $35 every 30 days following the 60 day grace period.
  3. Manual– THIS OPTION IS NOT recommended and is strongly discouraged as payments can get behind; anyone that chooses this option must log in monthly to manually pay account balances or late fees could incur*. 

*RMSA/RMDT Policies state: Accounts with balances 60 days past due or more, will be charged a late fee of $35 every 30 days following the 60 day grace period.  

CHOOSE ePayment Option: this is the day your bank account or card will be charged for any tuition or balances.

  • 1st of the month
  • 8th of the month
  • 15th of the month
  • 22nd of the month

Portal Accounting FYI; any payments made go towards the oldest outstanding charges first.

Studio Policy

RMSA will only assume responsibility for students while they are IN class. Students are welcome to use the RMSA facility before their classes to change, work on homework, ect., but parents are responsible at this time. We ask that you tell your student if they are waiting for a ride that they should not wait outside but remain in the building until the ride arrives. Students are not allowed to bring friends or siblings to the studio unless they are supervised by an adult.

Anytime students/families are at the studio we ask that they please understand and follow these need to know items.

Costume Deposit

Academy levels costume deposit of $30.00 per class registered is due in November (or same month you registered if after November). This deposit is applied to the student’s spring performance costume(s) and the student will keep the costume(s) purchased after the performance.

Please note: Each Academy dance style has different costumes except Jazz/Tap. Jazz/Tap will share the same costume.

The remaining costume balance is due in March. Each costume ranges in price from $65.00-$100.00. Please understand that once a costume is ordered, students are required to purchase the costume regardless of circumstances and all costume payments are non-refundable. This includes a student who quits dance class, is taken out of class by the instructor or parent, a student who moves, or a student who is ill. Both tuition and costume balance must be up to date before you will receive the costume(s) in the spring. New students enrolling late may be asked to pay for costumes in full before costume orders are placed.

Preschool & Kindergarten dance costumes:

  • Fall session students do NOT perform and will not be charged for costumes.
  • Spring Session only performs a ballet piece and only a ballet costume is ordered. Full costume balance will be charged to accounts in March. (Females costumes around $65, Males are less)
    • Please understand that once a costume is ordered, students are required to purchase the costume regardless of circumstances and all costume payments are non-refundable. After performances, these costumes are yours to keep.

Dress Code

A list of appropriate dance attire for each class is found here. Please read to find out what your child will need for their classes.

**Dance clothes (exception of male attire) and shoes in all sizes (exception of hip hop) can be purchased or special ordered at the dance store in the RMSA building. We try to keep our prices competitive with Wal-Mart and appreciate the business.

Calendar/Studio App

All RMSA calendars can be found on our website and studio app. RMSA does not follow the public school schedule exactly. There may be dance when there is a school break or vice versa. All vacations for RMSA are also listed on calendars. We ask that everyone download and use the studio app.  It is the best and easiest way to stay up to date as we can send alerts and push notifications. For more information on our FREE studio app see this page. The app has become vital during busier times with rehearsals and performances. Anyone with an iPhone can download calendars subscribed to through our studio app (for help in how to do this click weblink above).

For those with google accounts; calendars can be added to your google account through our website but clicking the “+” on the bottom of each calendar you want to add.

Google accounts can be added to your phone by adding an account under your smartphone “Settings” > “Passwords & Accounts” (To sync google calendars with your iPhone calendar you may need to add it at https://calendar.google.com/calendar.syncselect)

Snow Days

If school is canceled for a snow day, dance classes are not necessarily canceled. Please refer to the app push notifications for information.

In the event of studio closure/changes in conditions

If the studio must close or conditions must change beyond normal operating procedures, due to various COVID-19 possibilities, classes will continue through live-streaming or posted videos depending on the length of the closure.  Other options will be considered if possible, such as alternating live attendance and streaming, with half the class attending live and half streaming, switching groups every other class.

In any of these cases, regular tuition will be charged.  If a student does not participate, tuition, including last month’s tuition is non-refundable.  A late fee will be charged to anyone with a past due balance on their account if they decide not to participate and do not have their account up to date.  Secondly, Academy Level will be affected.  Dancers who do not complete the program will not move to the next academy level if they choose not to participate in online classes.

Costumes and Performances

If there is an extended closure and we are unable to hold performances, any tickets purchased for these events will be refunded.  IF costumes have been purchased, we will do our best to return and refund costumes.  Although we cannot guarantee a refund, we will do everything we can to make this possible.  In the event we are unable to refund costume purchases, we will do our best to use them in a future performance.

Watching Dance Classes

We do not allow parents/family into dance studio rooms to watch weekly dance classes as students are easily distracted.  Students need time to work without an audience or disruptions, and instructors need the full attention of students during class. We do have observation windows that are usually open for families to watch through. We also have a TV screen in the commons that anyone can watch the classes from. RMSA has a Parent Observation Class in the spring where parents and family members can attend class to see and hear what your child has been learning. During this special class, the class will also practice their Spring dances for you and you can take as many pictures as you wish.

We do ask that parents/guardians of younger dancers stay during class time as switching shoes quickly can be quite a task and teachers cannot help with restroom breaks.

Questions or Problems

Many times problems or concerns arise from lack of communication or a simple misunderstanding. If you have any questions, problems, or concerns at any time feel free to ask Jen who is usually around helping out at the studio or call/text her at 307-250-5739. If you need to discuss things with the executive director, Elizabeth please email her at [email protected] Please understand that discussing issues right before, during, or after dance class probably isn’t the best time for Elizabeth as she teaches classes back to back.