Download RMSA/RDMT Studio App!

If you haven’t heard the buzz, our studio has just developed our very own App for your smart phones; yes both iPhone & Android! We realize emails are hard to sift through, calendars are hard to navigate, and not everyone sees Facebook posts. Good communication is key to a successful, stress free studio and family.

This App is for anyone, FREE to download, and easy to use. We would love everyone (grandparents, carpool drivers, students, coparents…) that has association with RMDT/RMSA to download it, as everything about our studio will be easily accessible and at your finger tips.

There are 3 uses for the app that we want people to utilize:

  1. Push notifications are one of the biggest reasons for having our own app. Instead of worrying about seeing all our important emails or Facebook posts you’ll receive push notifications to alert you about important announcements for specific GROUPS.  We have over 15 “GROUPS” that you can “opt in” and “opt out” of. We ask that everyone STAYS “opted in” to both our “General RMDT information” and “General RMSA information” groups and then also opt into any and ALL other specific groups pertaining to you/your family. We may not use specific group push notifications often but its great to have available and set up if needed in the future.

2. Parent Portal/My Account: All registered RMSA/RMDT families will now have direct access to YOUR parent portal. No more remembering your password or needing to request temporary ones. After you download our App, click the “My Account” button (and sign into your parent portal) and you’re good to go. This will make checking your balance, paying tuition, updating account info, and seeing enrolled class times/classroom locations so much easier. Activating your parent portal, “My Account”,  in the app also provides RMSA/RMDT another way to communicate to you personally if needed through the App.

3. Calendars: what if I tell you, you can add class calendars directly to your smart phone calendar with a click of a button?! Here’s how:

In the app click “Rocky Mountain School of the Arts”> “RMSA Dance”> “RMSA Dance Class Calendars” > pick which class you want > click ON a class (your phone should automatically prompt you if you want to add this event to your calendar (you do NOT need to add each event/day but you WILL have to add each type of class ie. ballet AND then do tap). Once you give all access and permissions, that class/days/times will be added to your iPhone calendar for the year. You can do this same process with Nutcracker just make sure you click on the correct cast part(s). Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre> RMDT Nutcracker > Nutcracker Calendars > continue with correct calendar (EVERYONE is younger unless you know specifically that you are older)

Any questions about our new studio app call or email Jen Kaelberer 307-250-5739; [email protected].

Happy “Apping”!

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