#TMYK Boys & The Arts

Boys & The Arts

Despite the common stereotype, The Arts is not just for girls! In fact, many people do not realize just how beneficial Arts programs can be specifically for BOYS. Creative disciplines gained by participating in programs like dance and music classes are valuable life skills for both genders but here are 3 great advantages boys can carry with them throughout their entire life.

Boys Find a Safe Place to Express Themselves

It is amazing how The Arts offer an outlet for expression. Music and movement allow a healthy way to express feelings and emotions that boys may not otherwise normally be able to release or tap into. Emotions and feelings can translate into amazing creativity which truly makes The Arts a safe place for our boys to be themselves.

Boys Feel a Social Connectedness That’s Crucial to Development

Everyone wants to be accepted. Just as a studio is a safe place for expression, it is also a place that provides community and socialization. Boys become part of a group that values them and what they bring to the group. This social connectedness is important for the development of young boys. Studies have shown that programs like music and dance rewire children’s brains, improving academic performance and reducing dropout rates.

Boys Learn Skills That Will Help Them In Any Field of Work

The skills boys develop when participating in programs like music and dance will serve them in virtually any career path. The Arts requires work ethic, discipline, accountability, teamwork, and adaptability; just to name a few. Boys learn how to set goals and how to work toward them. They learn to communicate and to listen. Unfortunately, these are all things that most employers now days struggle to find in their employees. Kids that come from a strong background in The Arts possess these skills simply through the process of being committed to their creativity and studies.

Here at Rocky Mountain School of the Arts, we offer dance for starting at age 3, music classes starting at age 4, and piano lessons starting at age 6. It is such a joy to have boys a part of our studio.

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