2021 Spring Company Costume List

All items in black are provided.  All items in red are the responsibility of the dancer.

Ballet Roles

Solo Ballet Roles-All costumes provided.  Pink pointe shoes, pink seamed tights.

Gabe- Costume from last year. White or black ballet shoes (depending) and white or black tights.

Other Spring Company Roles

Opening-Silver Sequin top, Black Spanks, Black Tights with feet, Black Character shoes

Contemporary Ballet-white contemporary long dresses.   Pink pointe shoes, pink seamed tights.  

Musical Theatre A-costume ordered.  Nude Tights, Nude Character Shoes.  Gabe-black jazz shoes, black socks, costume ordered.

Musical Theatre BAs discussed in class.  Alley Cats…ripped jeans, torn shirt, an item with fur, skirt, etc.   Anything to make a unique cat.   Cat Ears, Cat Tail, White Gloves, Black Character Shoes. Gabe-white jacket from the back, black pants, black button-down shirt, any color tie, black jazz shoes, black socks.

Contemporary- costume ordered for class.

TapBlue jean overalls, black t-shirt, black socks, tap shoes.

HH- t-shirt provided, RMDT black joggers, black socks, HH shoes.