RMSA Summer Piano Lessons

RMSA Music will again be offering Summer Piano Lessons. Summer is a great time to keep your skills in tune or get a head start for next year!

Who: Lessons can be for current students OR new students ages 6 + who will be signing up for next school years classes.

What: You can sign up for as many days as you want that fit into your schedule.

When: 2022  Summer Classes will be on Tuesdays & Wednesdays (can be subject to change) and are 45 minutes

  • First week: June 7/8
  • NONE June 14/15 (Music Camp; 6-8 year olds Mon-Th)
  • NONE June 21/22 (OPENING week of Wild West Spectacular the Musical; Miss Cindi accompanies this LIVE musical all summer)
  • June 28/29
  • July 5/6
  • July 12/13 
  • NONE July 19/20 (Music Camp; 9 and older, Mon, Tues, Th, Fri)
  • NONE July 28/27 (Music Camp; 4/5 year olds Tues, Wed, Th)
  • NONE August 2/3 (Wild West Spectacular performs every day; final week)
  • August 9/10
  • August 16/17

Tuition: $25.00 per lesson (unless you are making up classes from this past year)

CURRENT RMSA STUDENTS: Current students enroll into Summer Piano Lessons via the app with a few clicks or by clicking REGISER below which will prompt you to log into your portal via online.

After enrolling into the class; you MUST PURCHASE a Summer Piano Punch Card directly through the studio app that will be used for all summer piano lessons. ANY STUDENTS WANTING TO TAKE SUMMER PIANO LESSONS MUST USE OUR STUDIO PUNCH CARD VIA THE STUDIO APP. Punch cards never expire so if you did not use all the punches last summer, you can use them this summer and any punches you do not use this summer can be used next summer. Once punches are used up, you will need to purchase/reload 4 more punches. $25.00 a lesson/punch; and your card will be loaded with 4 punches/lessons. *PUNCH CARDS WILL ONLY be allowed to be used for summer lessons

Families with multiple piano students can use the same punch card for all students or purchase the "family" card with double the amount of punches so you do not need to refill your punch card as often.

  1. How to purchase a punch card: open our studio app > click tiny "menu" icon bottom left of home page > click "punch cards" > Activate Summer Piano Punch Card > no- I need to purchase
  2. If you haven't downloaded our FREE studio app; do so HERE

NEW RMSA STUDENTS:  If you have NEVER been enrolled into any programs, camps, lessons, or classes at RMSA/RMDT:

  1. Please submit an online registration by clicking REGISTER button below. Fill out needed information including payment. Enroll into the class listed as "Summer Piano Lessons". Please note: The VERY first class a student is ever enrolled in, an online account or Parent Portal is set up. The main contact should have received an email shortly after registering with information how to access this.
  2. Once you've enrolled, please download our FREE Studio App for iPhones & Android. A studio has many things to be aware of and be reminded. Emails can get buried, ignored, and deleted.  In order to better communicate, instantly alert families, access punch cards, and streamline information, our studio has our own FREE studio app for iPhones & Android.

Download our free studio app at

3. To have easy access to your parent portal at all times, you need to sync your parent portal to the Studio app. To do this open the Studio app; click "My Account" in the app and log in as you would your online "Parent Portal" account. This will sync your parent portal to the app just on your phone. If you forgot your password you can also request to create a new one by clicking "forgot password".

4. Purchase your punch card via the app.

  1. How to purchase a punch card: open our studio app > click tiny "menu" icon bottom left of home page > click "punch cards" > "Activate" Summer Piano Punch Card > no- I need to purchase

5. Any issues or questions please contact Jen at 307-250-5739

Questions about the lessons call RMSA's Piano Instructor Cynthia at 307-272-4557 or email [email protected]

Issues with enrollment or purchasing punch card call/text Jen 307-250-5739

Summer Piano Lessons