RMSA Yearly Dance Photos

Dance pictures will be taken at Thompson Portrait Studio located across the street from RMSA. Below are a few things to remember so picture day will run smoothly and on time. Please read through carefully as this will answer most questions you will have.

-Picture forms were sent home with dance costumes.

-2020/2021 year picture days are broken up into several days.  Please refer to this page or the class calendars to see what time your dancers are scheduled; opt into your dance group/academies GROUP to receive push notifications as reminders.

-Have ALL pieces of your costume (shoes included) with you for pictures. We can not wait for you to fetch missing items. We have over 100 dancers so we must stay on schedule to keep things running smoothly.

-There will NOT be a dressing room or restroom available, so have your dancer wear a body liner. If your dancer does not wear a body liner, they will need to change at RMSA.  The dancers and costumes are contained to the camera room side of the studio as glitter and printers/computers do not mix.

-Have your order form completed (one form per child per costume) with payment included at the time of your child's pictures. A package must be ordered prior to ordering from the add-on section unless you choose two add-ons (class photo not included).

-You MAY order just a class picture if you do not want individuals of a costume, but you still need a completed order form so the photo gets to the right person.

-ONLY cash or check will be accepted. You may pay for multiple children/costumes with one check, but have them all completed for the assistant to record necessary information on all forms when you pay.

-If you will not be accompanying your child, be sure to sign the release on the top right of the order form prior to picture day. If a parent or guardian is not with the child and they do not have a signed release, they cannot be photographed.

-Bring the tights that will be worn during the performances. If you forget, we will gladly edit holes and runs in the tights for a fee of $50 per hour.

-Because tap and jazz are the same costume, the pictures will be taken in jazz shoes. Older students may wear tap shoes (due to costume changes) for their pictures, but for safety reasons, they must put them on right before the picture and take them off right after. They are much too slippery on floors.

-Have your child practice a pose to do for jazz/ballet/hiphop, etc. prior to picture day that is within their skill level. Some kids get stuck in a rut and do the same or similar pose for all. Please avoid jumping and stunts as they take too long to perfect for the camera. This has been tried previously and we got off schedule, which was frustrating for everyone.

-Due to popularity, the digital file option will be offered again.  You can purchase it as a package at full price or as an add-on to a print package at a discount rate. You will have print rights with the file and the images will be emailed to you. This is for individual photos only.

Please feel free to call, Melissa the photographer at 250-1192 or email mthompsonstudios@gmail.com  any questions you may have. She is looking forward to another great photo day with your children!