RMSA Yearly Dance Photos

Dance pictures will be taken at RMSA in Studio B; 2613 Sheridan Ave.

Below are a few things to remember so picture day will run smoothly and on time. Please read through carefully as this will answer most questions you will have.


  • 2023/2024 year picture days are broken up into several days.  Please refer to class calendars in the app to see what time your dancers are scheduled. Take note of any calendar "details" or more information that maybe listed specifically for dance styles (Opt into your studio app dance group/academies GROUP to receive smart phone push notifications as reminders.)
  • Costumes will be handed out sometime BEFORE costume day. Picture order forms will be given out 1 per costume; we usually stick these in costume bags/pockets. Extra order forms will be at the studio.
  • HANG CUSTUMES & take care of TULLED costumes with enough time to allow them to air dry! Scrunched costume in pictures (or on stage) do not look nice.

Costumes with the "fluffy tulle" skirt need to be "soaked out" (and dried) before the performance so they fluff out and lay nice. Simply soak the bottom part (tulle skirt) in HOT water for 20 seconds, shake out, hang upside-down, and relay the layers so they lay nice. Let hang upside down till dry and hang in a safe place.

  • Have ALL pieces/accessories of each costume you have (shoes included) with you for pictures; including the correct color of tights and shoes. We can not wait for you to fetch missing items. We must stay on schedule to keep things running smoothly.
    • For picture day (dress rehearsals and performances) we encourage families to come up with a system to keep all your child's dance items together and that your child can work with.
    • Keep items neatly (not scrunched) in a labeled bin like a laundry basket
    • Put ALL costumes on different hangers and use something like a labeled garment bag.
    • Put accessories & hair pieces in a zip lock baggie WITH your child name on it and hook it into the hangers that go with the costume.
      • Some hair pieces can be clipped onto the costumes directly so they aren't lost. Clipping them to the neck is best so they are easily found.
      • AS ALWAYS LABEL EVERYTHING YOU CAN; ESPECIALLY SHOES! To label costumes, feel free to write names on freezer tape and stick on the inside collar area of costumes (as long as we can't see it when they have the costumes on)
  • Bring the tights that are the right color without holes, runs, pelts, and discoloration. If you forget, Mel will edit holes and runs in the tights for a fee of $50 per hour spent editing photos.
  • Hair: ballet females must have all hair up in a neat & secure ballet bun (no bangs or baby hairs) and Jazz/tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary in a pony tail (no bangs or baby hairs); just like it is listed in the performance costumes attire spread sheet. If you need to use hair clips, etc. make sure they are the color of the hair and blend in so they are not seen.
  • Academy 3b and younger MUST have a parent/guardian present to help with costume changes and hair. 
  • DO NOT WEAR costumes to the studio.
    • Have your dancer wear a body liner with tights over the liner for quick costume changes between shots.
    • Veteran Tip; have your female dancer put on their body liner FIRST and THEN tights as most academy dancers WILL have to change tights depending on the costume/dance styles.
  • Tap and jazz are the same costume, only one group picture will be taken and one individual with either jazz or tap shoe.
  • Have your child practice a pose to do for tap/ jazz/ballet/hip hop, etc. prior to picture day that is within their skill level. Some kids get stuck in a rut and do the same or similar pose for all. Please avoid jumping and stunts as they take too long to perfect for the camera. This has been tried previously and we got off schedule, which was frustrating for everyone.

Please feel free to call, Melissa the photographer at 307-250-1192 or email [email protected]  any questions you may have. She is looking forward to another great photo day with your children!ordering for ALL dance photos AND they will be shipped directly to your home.

How it will work: Like past years, each dancer will be photographed individually in each costume and with their dance class groups. AFTER picture day, pictures will be uploaded to a secure website that parents will receive a photo shop link via email from RMSA. Through this online photo shop, Parents will be allowed to pick and order their favorite photos from several shots taken and also choose from a variety of photograph gift items you may want. (This means parents no longer have to "approve" shots during the photo shoot which should speed things up on picture day.)