Audience Etiquette

When attending a live dance performance there are a few things that are helpful to keep in mind.

Attending Live Performance Etiquette

  • You are attending a live performance. Feel free to dress up for the occasion.
  • Be seated on time; Auditorium doors open 30 minutes before performances. Even though all seats are assigned/reserved please ensure that you arrive at Wynona Thompson Auditorium at least 15 minutes prior to start time.
    • Silence phones & other electronics and refrain from using them during performances.
    • Avoid putting on too much cologne or perfume or smoking before having a seat
    • Refrain from other noise distractions; chewing gum loudly, unwrapping candies, coughing, etc.
    • Remove any hats so that you do not hinder the view of those behind you.
    • If you have to excuse yourself during the production, please do so when there is a break in the scenes or performance so not to disrupt those around you or the production. There will be a 15 minute intermission.
  • As with all performances and shows, live video and/or photography is NOT allowed. All dance productions by RMSA/RMDT are copyrighted. DVD's of the performances are available to order. See program for more info.
    • Use of cell phones and camera's is not only extremely distracting but is also disrespectful to those around you and to those performing/producing/directing the show.
  • While Rocky Mountain Dance Theatre welcomes any child who can remain seated in a quiet manner through a two-hour performance, we recommend that children be at least 3-years-old to attend our productions.
    • Please remind children to not talk once the performance begins and to not touch or kick the seat in front of them.
      Kindly step outside, into the lobby, if your child is creating a disturbance during the performance. Parents may consider selecting an aisle seat in case a quick exit is necessary. Also, please note that there are no refunds, credits or exchanges if you must leave the performance because your child was unhappy or disruptive.
  • It is customary to clap when a main character or guest artists enter the stage for the first time.
  • Dance performance etiquette is different than orchestra or piano concerts. During dance performances; feel free to clap, hoot, and holler (with class) or even shout out "Brovo" or "Brava" when something moves or impresses you. Dancing is hard work and dancers thrive off of the audience's energy and response!
    • It is ok to laugh out loud if something on stage makes you giggle.
    • Do not call out one specific dancer or do cat calls as these are unwanted distractions.
    • If you greatly enjoyed the performance, standing ovations at the end of a performance (during the curtain call) is very special and is a sign of your appreciation to the performers, production, & directors.

Thank you for considering the safety of our dancers and the enjoyment of others! We look forward to seeing you at the performance!