Spring Company Rehearsal-approved attire

REMEMBER ALL REHEARSALS ARE BLACK ATTIRE!!!!! It is expected that dancers respect and follow the dress code below. This dress code is for group cohesion and helps set & see the choreography. Miss Liz doesn’t have time to comment on or reprimand rehearsal attire in rehearsals. Please come properly prepared for rehearsals. 

As a Spring Company member, you will need to place an order for needed items by JANUARY 19.  Dancers must wear something from the list below to every rehearsal. Below you will find links for the items in which you will need to order. 

DO NOT WEAR: jewelry or watches/iwatches, scrunchies on wrists. Earrings must be studs.

RMDT Warm Ups REQUIRED to purchase unless you have them from past years (but if you like the new design and would like a new one, feel free). 

  • RMDT Spring Co Jacket
    • Purchase RMDT Spring Co Jacket HERE
  • RMDT Spring Co long sleeve tshirt
    • Purchase RMDT Spring Co long sleeve HERE
  • RMDT women’s black joggers / gender neutral sweatpants
    • Purchase RMDT Black women’s joggers and/or RMDT gender neutral sweatpants HERE
  • RMDT tshirt (different from RMSA) 
    • Purchase RMDT tshirt HERE

Ballet Rehearsals Approved Attire

  • BLACK dance leotard, pink footed tights (no nude tights)
    • no undergarments under leotards (underwear or bras). Proper dance attire that fits correctly is made to be worn without these. 
  • Optional: black ballet skirt/black garbage bag shorts/black leg warmers
  • Booties: NEW item required for dancers cast into pointe roles. Anytime during rehearsals or performances, dancers need to wear booties over pointe shoes when NOT dancing to protect their shoes which in turn protects our Marley floors and keeps them clean of debris etc. that can make floors slick and dangerous.
  • All Hair pulled back in a tight, secure bun (no bangs) and WILL NOT fall out or need adjusting

All other Dance Style Rehearsals Approved Attire

(Attire should NOT include logos, images, words, brands except RMDT or RMSA) 

  • MUST HAVE RMDT Spring Co Jacket
    • Purchase RMDT Spring Co Jacket HERE
  • MUST HAVE 2021/2024 black RMDT Spring Co Long sleeve t-shirt
    • Purchase RMDT Spring Co Long Sleeve tshirt HERE
  • MUST HAVE RMDT Black tshirt
    • Purchase RMDT Black Tshirt  HERE
  • MUST HAVE old RMDT black joggers or new RMDT black joggers/sweat pants
    • Purchase RMDT Black women’s Joggers and/or RMDT Black gender neutral sweatpants HERE
  • SOLID Black tshirt and/or RMSA black tshirt
  • SOLID Black tank top
  • SOLID Black leggings
  • SOLID Black jazz shorts
  • SOLID Black sports bra- plain black…no other colors at all, not even on the straps.
  • SOLID Black socks
  • BRING ALL dance style shoes 
  • ALL hair securely pulled back into tight pony or bun (no bangs) so that it doesn’t fall out or need adjusting at any point during rehearsals.