2019 RMSA Spring Performances

Masterpieces of Ballet

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Please check calendar for detailed scheduling. Includes ALL ballet classes except Preschool and Kindergarten.

Sleeping Beauty

  • Academy 1
  • Academy 1B
  • Academy 3
  • Academy 4
  • Advanced Ballet

Les Sylphides

  • Academy 2
  • Academy 5
  • Advanced Ballet

Spring Production

Friday, May 10 & Saturday, May 11, 2019

May 10 and 11- please check calendar for detailed scheduling:  Includes preschool, kindergarten, all jazz classes, all tap classes, all hip hop classes, all contemporary classes.  Which night does your child perform?  See below.

  • May 10- Academy 1B, Academy 3, Academy 4, Academy 5 Jazz, Advanced Contemporary, Kindergarten Dance, RMDT Spring Company
  • May 11- Academy 1, Academy 2, Academy 5 Jazz, Advanced Contemporary, Preschool Dance, RMDT Spring Company


◾ What is Masterpieces of Ballet and Spring Production? For lack of a better word, it is our end of year recital but it is so much more than just a recital. We have professional staging, lights, choreography, and direction; it truly is a performance.

◾Can I attend without purchasing a ticket? Unfortunately, you cannot attend if you do not purchase a ticket. Parents are notified of pre-public sale discounted tickets that are available for RMSA families for a time, after this tickets are full price.

◾Where does all the money go from ticket sales for these shows? All money from ticket sales help to fund our production; the rental of the auditorium, backdrops, stage crew, etc. Tickets sales cover only about 50% of the production. The other 50% is covered by donations.

◾Will tickets be available at the door? Yes, tickets will be available at the door. You can also purchase online (once available for purchase)