2020 Nutcracker Casting! Congratulations!!

Nutcracker Parent Information

Auditions were held June 16, 2020

Last Name First Name Role (younger)
Allen Cali Dames
Allen Cali Mints
Allen Emma Party Children
Allen Emma Greeters
Bailey Schuler Fritz's Friends
Bailey Schuler Horsemen
Bailey Schuler Rat
Baker Tristyn Butterflies
Baker Tristyn Flower Petals
Bales Natalie Kisses
Barringer Giovanna Butterflies
Barringer Giovana Flower Petals
Barringer Giovana Arabian Corp
Bates McKenna Candy Cane-Sat
Bates McKenna Greeters
Beemer Colbie Candy Cane-Sun
Beemer Colbie Greeters
Blankehship Kylee Fairy
Blankehship Kylee Icicles
Blankehship Kylee Clowns
Blankenship Kaydence Party Children
Blankenship Kaydence Greeters
Blankenship Claire Kisses
Brown Kelby Candy Cane-Sun
Brown Kelby Greeters
Byer Angelina Gingerbread
Byer Anastasia Kisses
Dallman Madison Dames
Dallman Madison Mints
Dallman Rebekah Kisses
Dawe Akira Gingerbread
Dawe Akira Angels
Dawe Moose Boy Soldier
Dawe Moose Fritz's Friends
Deans Forrest Fritz's Friends
Deans Forrest Boy Soldier
Dunning Ellie Candy Cane-Sat
Dunning Ellie Greeters
Ferfes Natalya Butterflies
Ferfes Natalya Flower Petals
Ferfes Natalya Arabian Corp
Fernandez Willow Parent
Fernandez Willow Icicles
Fernandez Willow Clowns
Foulger Campbell Parent
Foulger Campbell Icicles
Foulger Campbell Clowns
Geving Aliyah Greeters
Grant Hayden Dames
Grant Hayden Mints
Harp Trinity Angels
Harwood Antabella Small Toy Dolls
Harwood Antabella Greeters
Henley Riley Party Children
House-Brown Zoey Angels
Johnson Nyah Fairy
Johnson Nyah Icicles
Johnson Nyah Clowns
Kaelberer Daelyn Dames
Kaelberer Daelyn Mints
Kaelberer Devyn Butterflies
Kaelberer Devyn Flower Petals
Kaelberer Devyn Arabian Corp
Kim Natalie Dames
Kim Natalie Mints
LaFevers Kintla Fairy
LaFevers Kintla Icicles
LaFevers Kintla Clowns
Lindemann Camri Fairy
Lindemann Camri Icicles
Lindemann Camri Clowns
Marks Nylah Angels
Marks Nylah Arabian Corp
Marsh McKenzie Butterflies
Marsh McKenzie Flower Petals
Marsh McKenzie Arabian Corp
Marsh Peyton Party Children
Marsh Peyton Greeters
Maslak Christina Parent
Maslak Christina Icicles
Maslak Christina Clowns
Maslak Clare Kisses
Maslak Isabella Candy Cane-Sun
Maslak Isabella Greeters
Maslak Kateri Flower Petals
Maslak Kateri Butterflies
Maslak Kateri Arabian Corp
Maslak William Fritz's Friends
Maslak William Horsemen
Maslak William Rat
May Sienna Dames
May Sienna Mints
Mayhugh Erica Fairy
Mayhugh Erica Icicles
Mayhugh Erica Clowns
McLauchlan Dylan Candy Cane-Sat
McLauchlan Dylan Greeters
McLauchlan Rylee Fairy
McLauchlan Rylee Icicles
McLauchlan Rylee Clowns
Merritt Reese Fairy
Merritt Reese Icicles
Merritt Reese Clowns
Parker Sara Dames
Parker Sara Mints
Radakovich Sophia Fairy
Radakovich Sophia Icicles
Radakovich Sophia Clowns
Schneider John Fritz's Friends
Schneider John Boy Soldier
Sims Amelia Butterflies
Sims Amelia Flower Petals
Sims Amelia Arabian Corp
Sims Isaac Fritz
Sims Issac Horsemen
Sims Issac Rat
Straw Sophia Gingerbread
Straw Sophia Flower Petals
Straw Sophia Arabian Corp
Tatum Scarlett Candy Cane-Sun
Tatum Scarlett Greeters
Underwood Luci Party Children
Underwood Luci Greeters
Vieira Shaye Candy Cane-Sat
Vieira Shaye Greeters
Williams Aspyn Gingerbread
Williams Aspyn Angels
Williams Jordyn Small Toy Dolls
Williams Jordyn Greeters
Yates Abby Dames
Yates Abby Mints
Young Annabelle Party Children
Young Annabelle Greeters
Young James Fritz's Friends
Young James Horsemen
Young James Boy Soldier
Young Joel Kisses


Role Friday/Sunday Performances Saturday Performance
Enchanted Fairy Tyra Emily M (dependent on knee injury)
Clara Gab Gab
Peppermints Alexa, Anesa Alexa, Anesa
Pirates Keira, Kinsley, Anneliese, Isabel, Gabe Keira, Kinsley, Anneliese, Isabel, Gabe
Columbine Dolls Jessica, Gracie, Kyla Jessica, Gracie, Kyla
Joker Lily Lily
Snow Alexa, Kyla, Gracie, EmRee, Anesa, Kayla, Jessica, Lily, Gab, Tyra, Susan Bales*Emily (we need to discuss in person due to knee injury) Alexa, Kyla, Gracie, EmRee, Anesa, Kayla, Jessica, Lily, Gab, Tyra, Susan Bales,*Emily
Icicle Princess Gab Gab
Sugar Plum Jessica Jessica
Spanish Leads EmRee, Anesa EmRee, Alexa
Spanish Corp Alumni Alumni
Arabian Leads Kayla, Gracie, Gabe Kayla, Gracie, Gabe
Chinese Kyla Anesa
Dragon Keira, Kinsley, Isabel, Anneliese, Erica M. Keira, Kinsley, Isabel, Anneliese, Erica M.
Russian Leads Kayla, EmRee, Gabe Kayla, EmRee, Gabe
Marzipan Lead Lily Lily
Marzipan Corp Keira, Kinsley, Tyra, Emily Keira, Kinsley, Tyra, Emily
Dew Drop Alexa Kyla
Demi-Soloists Gab, Lily Gab, Lily
Flowers Alexa/Kyla, Gracie, EmRee, Jessica, Anesa, Kayla, Keira, Tyra, Emily M. Kinsley, Anneliese, Isabel Alexa/Kyla, Gracie, EmRee, Jessica, Anesa, Kayla, Keira, Tyra, Emily M. Kinsley, Anneliese, Isabel