Welcome to RMSA

Welcome to RMSA/RMDT Studios!

We are glad you are a part of our studio family. We have over 100 students so to help everything run smoothly and keep everyone safe; here are some things we would like you and you student to know:

  • Everyone should download our FREE studio app for easy access to calendars, link your personal parent portal account to app under "my account", and stay up to date with important push notifications. Click here to download & learn more.
  • Anyone can have snacks at the studio or purchase snacks in the dance store BUT PLEASE keep ALL snacks at the picnic tables AND clean up after yourself.
  • Students can purchase snacks or merchandise in the dance store BUT YOU MUST have parents’ permission to charge it to your account.
    • When you filled out your yearly liability form via parent portal, there was a section in which to check yes or no to charging. If you need to make a change or do not know what you checked, you can see/update this in your "My Account" on your studio app.
  • Students are allowed to go in our fenced back yard BUT DO NOT climb the table, tree, or the fence.
  • If needed, students can hang out before or after class BUT NO running, tag, hide & seek, aerobics, chair hopping, or loud commotions.
    • RMSA/RMDT is not responsible for students outside of class.
  • Younger/older siblings can come to the studio during classes BUT they MUST have adult supervision.
      • If a sibling is not registered for classes they CANNOT ride the bus to the studio unless they will be supervised by a parent, grandparent, or guardian when the bus arrives.
  • There is a studio phone in the commons you can use BUT ONLY if it is an emergency. It is not for personal use outside of contacting parents/guardians or students.
  • You can pet the dogs, Moose and Sawyer, BUT DO NOT corner them or feed them and if they walk away do not chase after them. (Please do not leave food out or bags open that they can get into)
  • We have a lost and found in the dance store BUT please keep all items in your bags and academy dancers need to take dance bags with them INTO classes to avoid losing things.
    • Any coats/book bags that are not dance bags should be hung on the hooks and/or placed ON the bench under the hooks.
  • Dressing rooms & bathrooms are there to do the appropriate things, they are not hangout or play areas.
  • The studio is deep cleaned once a week and picked up throughout the week; please do your part in helping keep it clean by picking up after yourself and be respectful of the facility.
    • IF items do run out in the bathroom there is a storage closet with paper products at the end of the hallway by the "backyard" door.
  • Any students waiting for pick up need to wait inside (not outside) as our parking lot is a busy place. They can see cars drive up through the entrance lobby windows and doors.
  • For tap dancers safety, tap shoes should NOT be worn on any tile floors.
  • The blue stretch area in the commons is ONLY for dancers in Academy 5 and up; no exceptions.

As a studio family, please help enforce and gently remind each other of these! Let's have a great year together.

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For our RMSA/RMDT DANCE families we do have a private dance parent’s page that you can request to join; it’s a great resource for any questions you may have and to stay alerted with the many different dance schedules, performances, etc. search for rocky mountain school of the arts dance parents page